Melissa is a narrator and voice actress on Planet Dolan. She is presented as a purple anthropomorphic bird. She is voice acted by Melissa Morgan . She can also be found here.

Personality (Super Planet Dolan)

Much like Shima, she makes great intellectual answers, as opposed to Dolan's outlandish and whimsical statements. Unlike Shima, who has to deal with Dolan's mindset, Melissa has more patience for him.


  • Melissa seems to have a crush on Nixxiom.
  *In the Dolan Life Mysteries episode "Can Deaf People Hear Their Own Thoughts?", she appears physically attracted to Nixxiom to the point of agreeing with him on an obviously wrong comment, but then leaves when he asks her to do battle with him.
  • Melissa was apparently human once, and prefers "not to talk about it." She also doesn't like talking about growing a tail.
  • She was turned into a bird through a disease.

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