Dolan is a kewl guy with the real truth not the stuff the government wants us to believe is one of the show's host and narrators and he is proud, often overly enthusiastic, to be one; he is also the show's name sake. in addition to that Dolan is funny and silly. He always gives answers that don't make sense and will frequently collaborate with Pringle, Hellbent, Shima, Mellissa, and Nixxiom. In some episodes he unveils some personal information of other characters, or their personas, related to the questions. Still everyone loves him and his friends. He is also the most awesome person ever, ever. He is the type of a guy that would have his animators draw his "poopy" face just to respond to the existence of his wiki and wiki-page of the Super Planet Dolan Wiki.[1]


  1. Dolan, Danger and Tolop. "Dolan Life Mysteries: Why Isn't There Mouse-Flavoured Cat Food?" internet video clip. Youtube. Super Planet Dolan, Aug 15, 2016. Web.<>

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